Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back is in Reliance's DNA. Over the years, we supported and fundraised for over forty community, regional and national groups.

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Let us do the shopping for you

Choosing the right insurance broker to work on your behalf is the biggest decision you should be making.

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Anatomy of a Fire Claim

In the event of a fire, making an insurance claim and proving your loss may seem like a impossible task. Here's a lesson on the anatomy of a fire insurance claim.

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Reliance Insurance Agencies in Vancouver British Columbia (BC), an independant insurance brokerage, has advised clients on their business and personal insurance needs for over 30 years.

Since 1980, Reliance has been building its reputation as a leading provider of homeowners insurance, small business and commercial insurance, corporate insurance, as well as risk assessment and mitigation services to Greater Vancouver. We provide protection beyond insurance.

The real value of the things you deem most important can never be measured in insurance premiums or claim amounts.

No one likes to think about loss, much less plan for it. After all, how do you put a value on the inoperability of your business, damage to or loss of your family home, or the effect of a corporate lawsuit on your business relationships and family members. The insurance brokers at Reliance Insurance Agencies work with most insurance companies to secure the most comprehensive and cost effective policy for your home or business. Contact us today!