Let us do the shopping for you

Shopping around is not the best way to purchase your insurance

The question for you as a buyer is: which broker will best represent you?

Did you know that all insurance brokers have access to many of the same insurance companies? This means that you can call several different insurance brokers to get an insurance quote, but since we all use many of the same companies, only one broker is entitled to that quote. Whichever insurance broker submits the quote request first is the broker that becomes entitled to that quote.

This is why dealing with several different insurance brokers does not always ensure that you are receive the best insurance policy. Therefore choosing the correct insurance broker to work on your behalf is the biggest decision you should be making.
We are a reputable insurance brokerage and have access to all the leading insurance companies in Canada, as well as Lloyds of London. This allows us to do the “shopping” for you.  We are able to obtain multiple quotes from various insurance markets, we will review them with you and help you choose the insurance that will best protect you, your home and business.