Corporate Insurance

Protection beyond insurance

Though insurance plays a vital role in protecting businesses against several types of threats, it is rarely considered innovative in assisting them in accomplishing their organizational goals. Because insurance brokers are often limited in their approach and involvement, companies can be exposed to unknown risks that can threaten their business.

Since 1980, Reliance has successfully developed and implemented insurance and enterprise risk management plans for companies ranging from single location businesses to global, multi-faceted organizations. Our involvement goes far beyond simply securing insurance coverage; we are continually seeking out new and inventive ways to manage your risk from the ground up.  

To help our clients achieve new heights of stability and success, Reliance utilizes unique programs based on our proprietary risk reduction system. This proactive approach delivers results by helping executives identify and quantify potential risks, then implement a strategic risk-reducing plan. We partner with our clients and manage the plan in a way that frees up executives’ time to focus on other priorities. Should a worst case scenario occur, your company will be trial ready and able to recover quickly – thus minimizing costly downtime and extraneous risk-related costs.

Industries we work with

Our corporate insurance and risk management experience and expertise has been engaged by various industries including but not limited to:

High hazard manufacturing
Light industrial manufacturing
Food manufacturers and distributors
Franchisors and franchisees
Critical parts suppliers
Biotech, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical manufacturers
Retail product chains
Marine related organizations
Chemical manufacturers
High tech and software manufacturers
Publicly traded organizations
Wineries and breweries
Transportation and logistics
Retail food chains
Green technology companies
Companies with assets and people around the globe

Discover more about our corporate insurance and risk management program

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