REIBC Liability Insurance Program


REIBC Liability Insurance Program

When it's YOUR professional reputation on the line, why risk it?

Issues arising from professional liability are of great concern today, for you and for your clients where you act as a consultant.    

REIBC’s Professional Liability Insurance Program provides exclusive coverage designed specifically to meet the needs of both self-employed and employed members who do not qualify for another professional group program.

Members who seek coverage under the REIBC Liability Insurance Plan who are offering professional services normal to a discipline not otherwise insurable through Realtors, Planners, Appraisers or other RI affiliated association programs must be members in good standing with REIBC before such coverage is granted. 

Managing Your Risk With Trusted Professionals

You need to understand the risks you are potentially exposed to as a professional and take the appropriate steps to manage that risk.

When you purchase professional liability insurance, you need to deal with a broker who understands your business and know that the insurance you are getting is customized for your profession.

Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd. is one of BC’s leading independent insurance brokers and began operations in 1980.  Our professionals have worked with REIBC over the past 5 years

Protection at an Affordable Cost

REIBC has made professional and general liability insurance available exclusively to members, through the plan arranged with Reliance, at group rates that are far less the cost you would normally have to pay to obtain coverage on your own.

To obtain further information, please contact:

Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd.  - Vancouver
(604) 255-4616

Toll free at 1-877-354-2623