Claim Process

Reporting a Claim

To report a claim call 604-255-4616.

During business hours one of our staff will assist you in activating the claim process. After hours you will have a choice. If emergency service is required you will be prompted to our afterhours call centre where one of our representatives will assist you right away.

If your claim does not require immediate service you will be prompted to leave a message. We will respond the next working day. Either way you will get the service you require in a timely manner.

Click here to learn more about the steps involved in processing a claim for a fire in your home.

Proving your loss

Should your home be burglarized or experience a fire, your insurance company, as part the settlement process, is going to require you to substantiate your claim.

In other words they will want copies of bills of sale, invoices, appraisals, photographs and other evidence to establish the ownership and value of your stolen or destroyed property.

Here is what you can do to make sure you can prove your loss:

  • Keep all purchase receipts for items such as TV’s, computers, furniture, jewellery, fine arts, major appliances, clothing, collectibles, sports equipment, wine and more.
  • Take photographs of your most valuable items.
  • Take a video camera around your house and make sure you capture all your valuable items. The more detail the better. If possible zoom in on the make and serial number of larger items (electronics, appliances, bicycles etc).
  • Have your jewellery, wine collection, collectibles, fine arts and other valuable items appraised by a professional.

No matter how you choose to keep track of your personal assets, remember to keep copies of all documentation at an off-site location such as your office or safety deposit box. Or, give a copy to your Reliance home insurance specialist. They can keep it in your file.

Not being able to prove your loss often results in a more drawn out settlement process and a reduced settlement amount.