Small Business Insurance

Protection and peace of mind so you can focus on business

Business owners have enough concerns to keep them up at night, insurance should not be one of them.  The right insurance policy and sound advice provides peace of mind for small to medium sized business and non-profit organizations.

At Reliance we go beyond providing the standard template of small business insurance coverage, we assess your risk in all areas and recommend the right insurance solution.  We provide you with the tools or answers to your questions about:

  • What kind of insurance is recommended for my small business?
  • How much insurance do I need for my small business?
  • What is the best price available?
  • Can this be arranged quickly and easily?
  • Are monthly payments available?

Reliable coverage against the unexpected

Reliance BusinessProtect is a package insurance policy designed to address the insurance coverage needs of small to medium size businesses.  While it is a package product, BusinessProtect is flexible so we can tailor a customized insurance solution for your business.

BusinessProtect, our small business insurance policy provides coverage for the unexpected, protecting and restoring your business from such events as:

  • a customer slips and falls in your store
  • Illness caused by food that you sell
  • extensive water damage from a ruptured pipe
  • theft and damage from a break-in
  • theft of portable equipment
  • spoilage of perishable stock caused by change in temperature
  • breakdown of critical business equipment
  • the product you make or sell causes injury or damage to people or property

Learn more about what is included in our small business insurance package policy, available extensions and our specialty coverages.

Discover more about our small business insurance policies

For more information about our small business insurance offerings and to determine what coverage is best for your business, contact Georgina McLellan at 604.251.8325 or email at You may also request a Small Business Insurance quote online.