Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Traditionally called boiler and machinery insurance, equipment breakdown coverage is a necessity for most businesses.  As technology places demands on us to remain connected and respond quickly, business operations depend heavily on equipment.

Equipment breakdowns occur more frequently than you would expect and restoration can be quite costly.   Claims for this coverage include the following examples:

  • Mechanical breakdown of building systems
  • Electrical arching
  • Power surges
  • Burning, cracking, bulging, explosion, implosion and centrifugal force

The above causes of loss are all excluded from property policies.

If you are a building owner you will want to ensure that this is included in your coverage, or as tenant you will want to cover your equipment and any objects you are responsible to insure and maintain as part of your lease agreement.  Leases of business equipment can also require you to cover any loss or damage outside of warranty coverage.

We offer comprehensive coverage for pressure, electrical and mechanical equipment required to operate and regulate the building systems and utilities. The equipment is covered, together with any direct and indirect damage surrounding it. Objects include:

  • Boilers, hot water heaters
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Furnaces, heating and cooling systems, steam equipment
  • Processing equipment
  • Electrical panels, transformers, motors, fans and blowers
  • Alarm systems, telephone/telecommunications equipment
  • Office Equipment:  copiers, fax machines, diagnostic equipment, printers and POS or cash registers

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