Travel Insurance

Protection and peace of mind when you're away from home

When you travel outside of British Columbia, the Medical Services Plan of BC, employment health insurance and credit card travel medical coverage may not be sufficient to cover the costs of a sudden sickness or accident. If you have an accident or medical emergency, a weeks’ vacation, or even a day of cross border shopping may become a financial burden

About Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC) Travel Insurance Policy

Reliance Insurance Agencies offers travel insurance through our partner Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC), a leading travel insurance company providing affordable coverage to Canadian travellers for over 50 years. TIC provide worldwide coverage, 24/7 multi lingual service and support for medical and non-medical emergencies.

TIC provides worldwide coverage. In the US, the issue is not the availablity of medical services but the cost (MSP covers only 10 percent of the costs incured during a stay at a US hospital). In other countries, the cost of medical service is very modest but the availablity of clean reliable medical attention can be a problem. Your travel medical policy can arrange for emergency transit to the nearest full service hospital.

If an emergency arises when you're away from home, you can rely on TIC's dedicated and knowledgeable support and service team to get you the help you need, no matter where you are in the world. For instance, TIC will:

  • Arrange for emergency transit to the nearest full service hospital.
  • Look after your hospital costs.
  • Submit your claim to MSP.
  • Arrange for transit home in the unfortunate event where a immediate family member passses away either on the trip or at home.

TIC provides travel insurance coverage for:

  • Canadian travellers
  • Visitors to Canada
  • International Students
  • Expatriates

Additional coverage

Additional coverage can be purchased for:

  • Baggage (loss, damage or delayed)
  • Trip cancellation and interruption

Get protection before you leave home

Before you head off for your next out of country adventure or weekend getaway, make sure you have your travel insurance policy squared away. It's peace of mind so you can focus on what really matters. Purchase travel insurance now.